Interview #2: Dustin With Darcie Middlebrook

Aaaand we’re back! Hey everyone! While it has been somewhat chaotic here, getting the podcast files uploaded and edited, and getting used to the newborn in the house, the rest of the crew has been diligent in getting the material together for more episodes.

In a stroke of luck, our Union Man, Dustin, manages to get some time set aside to have an interview with Darcie Middlebrook during the Detroit NALC Convention. If you are a member of the union, or if you’ve wanted to learn more about how unions work for the workforce, then you’re going to enjoy this episode.

As a special bonus, we managed to gain the talented Juliet Cellador as a member of our crew, who provided our theme music!

*As I’m still learning how to do sound editing and splicing tracks together, I’m not sure how this will sound the first time, but I personally love the song too much to have really noticed. If there are any problems, please email us and let me know. -Swift*

Group Discussion #2: Amazon, Summer Weather, and Hawaii

In our second group episode, we get to bring in our fourth member of the group, Dylan Starr, who launches us right into a big conversation point that is on the minds of our postal workers: Amazon. Along with that are some pointers and advice about handling the hot weather of summer, and a shout-out to our folks on the Big Island.


I think, I think, we might have our first episode edited and ready to upload. I've also been up for nearly 24 hours, having worked a Food Drive shift and becoming quietly obsessed with figuring out the inner workings of sound editing.

But I think it’s done. Give it a listen and please give us your feedback. We’re still learning how all of this works, so the feedback is greatly appreciated.