A Momentary Pause…

Hey everyone! We took a brief pause in our recordings and writings, so that I could meet my son and help my wife around the house while she recovered from childbirth.

Benjamin came into this world in the early hours of dawn on June 22. Since that time, our world has been running on two hours of sleep a night, bunches and bunches of dirty diapers, and having our hearts melt when the daughter coos over him.

Photo by Veronica Clark Photography

Of course, since we are a postal family, the photographer wanted to have a post-office-related photo, and I couldn’t help but oblige. But now that he’s settled into his routine (and we’ve somewhat adapted to it), we’ll be coming out with articles and posts as soon as we can. Stay tuned!


Wait a Minute, Mister Postman!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Postage Due, the Postman’s Podcast for the United States Postal Service. This is where we will be hosting the audio files for our podcast, but we will soon be available on iTunes. We will be using this website to post our blogs with any media resource we can use, such as photos, videos, or written accounts.

Firstly, you should know a few things about us. While there is an ‘About’ page on the site, you should understand the how and why for this site existing at all. You see, while you probably know your postman, be it the carrier on your street or the clerk behind the desk, there are over 500,000 of us throughout the nation and territories. With the power of social media, we all have been able to connect with each other, spreading the camaraderie from Maine to Hawaii. It was during one of our sporadic conversations between some 250 of us that an odd idea came up:

“We listen to podcasts all the time, but why isn’t there one about us?”

With that one question, Postage Due came about. Here, we’ll delve into the crazy world that the postmen know, from the desk to the freight, and from the case to the street. We’ll talk about the various aspects of the work, bringing in other postal workers from around the country. We will discuss some news that pertains to the Post Office and debate the intricacies of our various Unions. We’ll feature interesting stories from postmen that deliver in odd places, be it boat or donkey. If we’re lucky, we’ll even get a few guests that handle the mail in other countries throughout the world.

If we can manage it, we might even provide items for sale, though that idea is still in the works.

Soon, our first podcast episode will be posted here and featured on iTunes. Thank you for stepping into the world of the postal worker. You’ll find it quite entertaining, we assure you.